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Covering all UK areas. We install and finance new boilers not only affordably but with the best-in-class experience, dependability and service.

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You’ll find the best boiler deals with just a simple online search. And you can do it all from your own home in minutes!

Find the best boiler deals
Find the best boiler deal

We’ll find the ideal boiler for you. One that is most cost-effective and best suited to your needs, no matter what they are.

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If you are happy with the price, just follow this simple process to book your installation. You’ll have a Gas Safe Registered engineer install it for you at a time that is convenient for you.

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Guaranteed quality boilers
As your UK, dependable and trusted boilers expert, we install the best quality boilers for an affordable price. We are experts at fitting everything to you’re home’s specifications!
Guaranteed quality boilers
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Have you been struggling to find the perfect gas boiler for your home? One of our specialists would be happy to help you over the phone. They are experts in finding just what you need!

Questions we get asked

Squirrel Energy is a company that has been delivering energy efficiency to homes across the UK for many years. This includes solar battery generation, insulation, and highly efficient boilers. They are always looking at ways of reducing energy consumption in an environment-friendly way while saving our customers money on their utility bills.

Buying a new gas boiler is one of the best decisions you will make.


It's really simple and there are so many benefits for this great investment. All it takes to get started with our company is clicking on "Get Started" button, answering some questions we'll ask about your home, then checking out the price after everything has been taken into account!


If you like what we're offering then click "Proceed", enter in just a little bit of information, wait few moments for an email that gives access to manage installation date plus other handy tools such as being able to set up your own unique Admin Portal where all aspects pertaining specifically towards your purchase can be accessed at any time!

Offer finance on your boiler installation with us!


We offer 60 payments over 5 years, and you don't need a deposit to make it happen. Our minimum level of financing is £1000; any less than that will still require a small down payment before we can approve the loan for you.

If you've confirmed that the boiler installation is right for your needs, contact us to arrange a date! Even if an appointment doesn't suit with your availability, just give us a call and we'll find one.

We understand that sometimes you want to change your mind. That's why we give you a 24-hour window before installation begins on any given day as well as the option for cancellation up until 48 hours in advance of installation or order delivery date, whichever comes first.


We are here to ensure your satisfaction and will do whatever it takes!