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When you need a new boiler

How can I say if my boiler has to be replaced? There is a common misconception that when your boiler reaches certain age, it must be removed and replaced. This isn’t always the case! For example, if you have routine maintenance scheduled every six months to make adjustments on the machine as needed so they

Replacing Your Combi Boiler

Let’s face it: a boiler failure is the stuff of nightmares. A grim world with no heating or hot water, along with the challenge of seeking a new boiler replacement, is rarely on anyone’s wish list. It’s also difficult to pick a new boiler – How much does a new boiler cost? What is the

What is the Difference of ErP Boiler?

What exactly is ErP? Explained: Boiler Efficiency The quality of a boiler indicates how efficiently it transforms fuel into heat for the house. Many modern boilers are over 90% powerful, which ensures that almost all of the fuel is converted into usable electricity. Boiler quality can deteriorate with time, but there are a few things

Protect Your Home In Winter

These easy measures will safeguard your heating system and keep your home warm and cosy throughout the winter. With temperatures starting to plummet this winter, it’s time to focus on the essential home appliance that will keep us warm. How to Stay Warm in Your Home After a Cold Snap A healthy boiler is the

Tips To Reduce Your Energy Bills

How to Save on Gas Bills You will not only save money on gas costs, but also time and labor. When you change your appliances to more reliable versions or add a smart thermostat that helps with monitoring consumption and having control of your heating system’s power usage, it saves the hassle for hiring someone