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Let’s face it: a boiler failure is the stuff of nightmares. A grim world with no heating or hot water, along with the challenge of seeking a new boiler replacement, is rarely on anyone’s wish list.

It’s also difficult to pick a new boiler – How much does a new boiler cost? What is the right brand of boiler? What kind of boiler do I require? Where will I find the most competitive boiler prices? You’ll be worrying about boilers before you know it.

So, yeah, you’ve reached a flashing boiler battleground, but don’t worry, we spend our waking hours studying and updating everything…er boiler replacement. Leave it to us to lead you across these turbulent seas, assisting you in making the best decisions and providing you with an understanding of what to expect when it comes to the all-important expense of a new boiler installation.

Do you want a new boiler?

Not all boiler replacements are the same. If your boiler is spewing dust, making odd banging sounds, or refuses to turn on, you’ve definitely received the message that a boiler repair is inevitable.

However, there are other, less evident signs and considerations to remember that may assist you in deciding whether or not you ought to repair your boiler.

It is more cost effective to purchase a new boiler than to have the existing boiler restored. (Once more)

Your boiler is showing signs of wear. Although boilers have an estimated lifetime of 10-15 years, if your boiler was built more than 8 years ago, it is possible that it has lost some productivity and it could be better to repair it until it breaks down. With a newer and more powerful boiler, you’ll still be able to save money on your electricity bills.

The location Place, location, location – Certain boilers are located in uncomfortable places of the building, and moving a boiler can be surprisingly costly. It would be a lot less work to update your boiler to a more energy-efficient model and position it where you like it. (Within boundaries, of course)

If your boiler isn’t generating enough hot water to heat all of your radiators and allow you to enjoy a relaxing soak in the pool, you’ll need a better performance boiler and/or a hot water cylinder.

Performance equals brilliance – your old boiler is likely to have a poor energy efficiency rating (not A-rated) which would cost you much more to work than it should.

If you want to sell or rent out your house, an A-rated boiler would increase its energy rating, making it more appealing to prospective buyers or renters.

– Danger! When the boiler ages, there is a higher chance of a gas explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning. Also new boilers can be serviced and maintained by a Gas Safe engineer once a year. Your annual inspection, similar to that of a vehicle, will ensure that your boiler is operating properly, reliably, and securely. Here’s some more details on boiler servicing.

If you haven’t settled on a boiler replacement yet, here are few extra advantages to remember.

Reduce the heating prices.

Your old boiler may only be producing 50-70 percent efficiency, which may be pushing up your energy costs. New A-rated boiler models are required by regulation to be at least 92 percent effective, and evidence suggests that replacing an old G-rated boiler with an A-rated boiler could save you up to (a significant) £350 per year.

Save resources by reducing maintenance.

It is not only inconvenient to summon an engineer, but it is also time-consuming and expensive. As the boiler ages, it is much more likely to develop defects and completely collapse. It is very unlikely that a new replacement boiler would have any problems, and even though it does, you will be protected by the manufacturer’s warranty.

A warm and inviting home

There are few things that can equate to a warm and inviting home. Replacing your boiler would significantly improve the efficiency of your heating system and keep you warm. If you live with young children or the aged, a modern boiler will add an additional layer of protection which will make a significant difference in their well-being.

And your part to save the world

It’s simple: a new A-rated boiler wastes less fuel and lowers your home’s carbon emissions, decreasing your environmental effects. All comes out on top!

Increase the resale value of your house

Yeah, energy conservation is a huge motivator for customers when it comes to selling the house. A new boiler would only help your specific situation.

Regulation is easier to maintain.

In recent years, thermostats have come a long way. When you pair your new boiler with these slick smart appliances, you’ll be able to monitor your central heating from anywhere in the world, saving electricity and money.

We’re not only fascinated with boilers, but we still know a thing or two about thermostats – we’ve compared some of the best here.

Old boilers

Old boilers are often noisy, and while they’re on their way out, they often make strange knocking sounds as well. For a modern radiator, you won’t even notice it’s there as it’s filling your house with warm air. When comparing new boilers, look for Quiet Mark Accreditation. When it comes to comparing boilers, we have a handy method that can improve. Take a look at this page.

Save space

Having difficulty making room for shoes, sheets, bedding, and the dog? Because of advancements in boiler technology, they are no longer needed to be huge. Depending on the requirements, a new boiler can also be hidden away in a cupboard, freeing up valuable storage space.

How much does it cost to replace a boiler?

Costs by Replacing a Boiler

But, now that we’ve warmed you up (sorry), let’s get down to business and the all-important expense of a new boiler.

To be sure, repairing a boiler creates no “buyers buzz.” It can’t compare to a new vehicle or the new jacket you’ve been eyeing for years – a new mop packs more of a punch… BUT – a working, reliable boiler is a prerequisite that will keep you warm for the next decade, so making the correct decision is important, and cost plays a major role in this.

A boiler repair is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and prices can differ based on what you need.

In the table below, we’ve mentioned some of the possible costs of a modern gas boiler. The numbers are based on estimates for a three-bedroom house which which vary depending on a variety of factors. The first factor is the type of boiler mounted. You’ve never had so many options for a new boiler, with prices beginning at £400 and rising to £3000.

Second, when calculating the possible cost of a boiler upgrade, consider the cost of installation. Rates paid by heating engineers can differ, much like the expense of the boiler.