Condensing Combi Boilers

Providing hot water and heating on demand using the mains water supply, without the need for a bulky tank or cylinder – ideal for All households.

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Quality A Rated Gas/LPG Boilers

The Enerwa has a 92% efficiency rating. That means it could help you save money on energy bills. It also has an ErP A rating for heating and hot water. For homes that need more heating and hot water, there are central heating outputs of 28 kW and 35 kW. The flow rate is 14.8 litres per minute.

a rated boiler
Gas Adaptive Control

Gas Adaptive Control system provides a way to control the gas valve and the heat. You will have more warmth if you use less gas.

XL hot Water Capacity

With extra large Hot water capacity combi boilers, you will always have full hot water.

Double Hot Water System

You can have hot water at the same time from two different faucets if you have a combi boiler with Double Hot System.

This is a special kind of boiler. It provides water and heat whenever you need it, without the need for a big tank or cylinder. This is ideal for small families who do not need much hot water or heating.

Maximum use of energy while at the same time providing higher gas and electricity savings.

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warmhaus ewa combi boiler
  • Popular
    24 kW
  • 30 kW
  • 35 kW
  • 40 kW
24 kW
30 kW35 kW40 kW
ModelWarmhaus EWA 24Warmhaus EnerwaPlus 2530Warmhaus EnerwaPlus 3035Warmhaus EnerwaPlus 3540
Typical installation Cost (inc VAT)*IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Is Condensing
Efficiency Rating92%92%92%92%
A Band Rating
LPG Compatible
Central Heating Max. Output24 kW23.7kW28kW33kW
ERP RatingA Heat A WaterA Heat A WaterA Heat A WaterA Heat A Water
Hot Water Max. Output31 kW30kW35kW40kW

Reasons To Choose Enerwa ErP Condensing Boiler

108% Efficiency

Enerwa ErP Boilers have a special feature that makes them more efficient. They make sure to use the right amount of air and gas.

Hot Water in Double Tap

The heat exchanger can provide 19 liters of hot water per minute and the double tap capacity will give you hot water.

User Friendly Smart Display

Enerwa ErP Boilers have two different display options that are easy to use with a stylish design.

warmhaus erp

What is ErP Directive?

The European Union published ErP Directives in 2015. The goal of these directives is to reduce energy consumption by 20% by 2020.

Room Thermostats

Warmth of Your Home is In Your Hands!

wt-07 smart control
4 button, cabled digital room thermostat with modulation
wt-08 smart control

10 button, cabled digital room
thermostat with modulation

wt-rf03 smart control

10 button, wireless digital room thermostat with modulation

wdhs-01 warmhaus

Cabled External Temperature Sensor

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